Thank You

Wow.  The outpouring of love and support for Andres and our family as he recovers from his Chiari decompression surgery has been overwhelming.  I’m hoping to thank each one of you personally, but I want to do it here also in case I’m not as gracious as I’d like to be.

Michele and Alan – Thank you for pursuing me until I gave up and accepted all your help.  The meals were wonderful, the gift cards to the restaurants near the hospital were a welcome treat, and  your support, encouragement, and understanding and compassion have been priceless.

Daniel – Thank you for the CD player you passed along to Andres.  It turned out to be exactly what he needed.  Nothing helped his sore throat from the breathing tube except listening to his Christian CDS in the CD player.  I never would have thought of it.

Mom – Thanks for being Andres’ pen pal and keeping in touch with us through phone calls, this blog and email.  You’ve been there for us every step of the way.

Mary Elizabeth – Thank you for organizing the cookies and the balloons.  They came early on in our hospital stay and were a bright presence and a warm reminder of the family that loves us in Houston.  And boy were those cookies good – my favorite!

Dad and Carrie – Thanks for the card and the things to keep Andres busy.  We had lots of fun with the Mad Libs, and Andres has spent hours perusing the joke book.  What a great way to bring some laughter into his hospital room!!!

Caelie – Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the girls to work with you while Andres was in the hospital.  It was such a special adventure for them and a good distraction from things being so crazy around here.  You spending the night with them really allowed me to breathe easier.   And I’ll wait for a more private moment to thank you in person for entertaining them by teaching them to eat spaghetti like dogs.  They now ask to eat like dogs at every meal.  It’s a sweet reminder of the special place that belongs to only you in our family.

Jessica – Thank you so much for the yummy food you brought up to the hospital.  It was so good, and it was wonderful to have food in the fridge and not have to keep leaving Andres in order to stay fed.  And the pizza on Saturday was fabulous, of course!

Trinity – What can I say to the daughter that makes so much possible for our family?  Thank you for working so tirelessly – laundry, cooking, cleaning, child care or whatever else we need.  We could not have done this surgery and stayed with Andres without you.  I have no doubt that no matter where you go in life and what you do, you will be able to handle whatever the Lord has for you.

Stan – Thanks for visiting Andres on Wednesday.  It meant so much to have a friend stop by.

Mark and Cathy – Y’alls were the first gift to arrive during our stay, and what a blessing to be reminded that we were not alone and that we were in your thoughts.  Andres and I enjoyed the Mad Libs, and the balloons worked magic for the hospital room.

Tim and Andrea – Thank you so much for the meal and for being at the hospital when we arrived to pray for us.  What a blessing to have you “on the team” for this milestone in our lives.

Josh – Thanks so much for coming to pray with us.  You helped bring the church to us, and we are grateful.

Craig – Thank you for your consistent kindness to our family.  You have encouraged us in more ways that we could say.  Your card arrived in plenty of time to bring to Andres, and may I just say he was waiting for it.  You are officially “his friend.”

Linda and Bud – How can I adequately thank the best neighbors in the world?  Thank you for your meals, your friendship, your concern, your love.  I never feel alone out here with my crew knowing you’re just on the other side of the fence.  I take great comfort in knowing that when my children take to running, they always run to you.  They couldn’t have picked anyone better. 

For my blogging friends – Mirjam at thank you for remembering us in your prayers so consistently, Miridian at , thank you for relating to me like you do, Melinda at for being that one Chiari mom to another, and Sandy at for keeping up with us and for your prayers.

For all our friends who emailed or left comments here to let us know you were praying for us and thinking of us, thank you. What a blessing to be able to have so many people lifting us up from all over the globe.

Our lives are better because of you.




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