Andres – Postop Day #5

Andres is continuing to improve.  I have noticed that when he reads or even plays, he is resting his head on the floor, on the bed, where ever he is.  He also is getting headaches with even slight exertion, but they are continuing to move around.  An unexpected complication turns out to be that at least for the time being, riding in the car exacerbates his headaches dramatically.  So this morning I stayed home from church with him and we’ve been playing Scrabble.  So far no complaints of headaches, even while doing his neck stretching exercises.  He’s completely off the ibuprofen except for a night-time dose just to make sure he gets a pain-free night’s sleep. 

Trinity starts a new job tomorrow, so I’ll be minus one teenager this week.  It should be an interesting transition. 

Charge . . .


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