There’s No Place Like Home

Andres had a good night without waking up for his ibuprofen. He spent most of the morning on the futon resting or playing quietly by himself. It seems he can only handle one of his siblings at a time right now. Big Sister Leah came in and read to him out of a joke book his Pee Paw brought him. His appetite is not what we’re used to, but he’s eating some at every meal, and now he is up and about with the rest of the family. It’s so nice to be together again. Please continue to pray for his headaches. They seem to have moved around some since the surgery and feel different to him than before the surgery. We are hoping that is just his brain adjusting to its new space and they will subside as everything settles. Now we wait.


3 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. …which is the hardest thing to do. The fact that the headaches are moving around I take as a good sign. Let’s hope you see Dr. George before we take off for New York. The invitation is still open to take Leah and Andres with us. I’m making other contributions to Mary Elizabeth’s life right now, so I feel certain there will be no hurt feelings. Who knows, there might be another family reunion trip that she and her children can be involved in.

  2. Yes, there is no place like home! I like the title of your post.

    Yes, we will continue to pray for Andres – may God give him the needed rest and heal him completely.

    I know, the waiting can be hard. But you’ll see: in a couple of weeks you’ll look back and it will all be well. Hang’ in there! *Hug*


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