Bailing Him Out

It’s 8:39 on Thursday, post op Chiari decompression surgery Day 2, and I just got off the phone with Andrew who says they’re ready to go.  Andres had a great night and has been off the narcotic pain killers since yesterday morning and has just been on extra-strength ibuprofen.  I’m off to take a shower and then take the whole family to bust them out of there.  Wow – what an amazing recovery for such an amazing kid!  Thank you, Jesus!


6 thoughts on “Bailing Him Out”

    1. Nothing short of miraculous. Now comes the question, did the surgeon do enough or are we going to have to do this all over again? Only time will tell. Rejoicing for now! Thanks for your keeping us with us through his stay!


    1. So true. Our family had a big hole in it while Andres was in the hospital. One of the kids commented last night at dinner that now our table wasn’t missing anybody. I must say it was nice though to be in the hospital with him where I could give him my undivided attention. Now he’s back to waiting in line, although he is top priority for a while.


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