Post-Op Day 1

Whew. With Andres’ Chiari decompression surgery behind us, we’re on to the up side of hospital life. Other than the nurse checking in on him through the night, he had a good night sleep. He was complaining last night of throat pain which was a result of his breathing tube he had in surgery. This morning he says he is pain free except for just a little pain in the back of his head (near and above the incision site.) Quite remarkable considering his nerve block wore off around 4:30 this morning and his only pain med is Tylenol with Codene. He’s been up to go the bathroom, and we’re waiting on permission to go to the playroom. It was French toast and bacon this morning for breakfast. He gets his food for free, and there’s “room service” for parents -$5.00 for a complete breakfast. Not bad.

God continues to bless us with wonderful, friendly, on-top-of-things nurses, and His grace is truly sufficient.



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