Out of Step-Down, Settling In

We’ve moved to the room Andres will be in for the rest of his hospital stay. It’s right outside the nurses’s station, so he’s getting plenty of attention. He was seen for a session of physical therapy this morning to get his neck and shoulders moving, and she was much impressed by his range of motion so soon after surgery. He’s doing some gentle stretching every hour and he’s moving his neck more and more each time. He had two visitors around lunchtime, and he got a huge cookie bouquet from the Houston cousins, aunt, uncles and grandparents that put a big smile on his face. Andrew is on his way with some of the kids. He’ll take over here and I’ll take the kids back home, then I’ll come back tomorrow afternoon. Andres has already walked the hospital and joined the kids in the playroom for the hospital’s annual version of summer camp. I really wish the boy would take a nap, but there’s no slowing him down (unless he’s glued to the t.v., but even then he doesn’t sleep. He is doing so very well.



4 thoughts on “Out of Step-Down, Settling In”

  1. Would he be interested in guests from the church? I know that Tim, Carol & Raffit, the Schultzs, and the other board members were wondering. We are all so grateful that he came through this so well. – Andrea

    1. He may be getting to come home tomorrow – can you believe it? If something happens and he has to stay another night, I know he would LOVE visitors.


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