This is what Andres’ head looked like at 8:00 this morning.

They finally let us into the Recovery Room to see Andres who was lying very still but awake. The nurse had already gotten him to drink half a bottle of Gatorade. The nurse was blown away by how well Andres was doing. Dr. George gave him a nerve block that is due to wear off at about 4:00 tomorrow morning, and the only additional pain med Andres needs right now is Tylenol with codine. He was expected to be on morphine at this point, so this is wonderful news. At this point, Andres is sitting up in bed, able to raise his head off the pillow, turning his head from side to side (gingerly) smiling, talking and eating Goldfish crackers. What a difference an hour makes.

And remember that bit about Andres having to spend a day or two in PICU? Cancel that. Andres is doing so well with his vital signs and pain management/meds, he has been placed in a step-down unit. We have a nice big room all to ourselves.

The Lord has been so gracious to all of us today. My anxiety was slowly building throughout the day, and at about 3:00 my anxious thoughts were replaced by a vision of Andres’ surgery going amazingly well and of him recovering quickly and happily and an overwhelming knowledge that everything was going to be fine. That renewing of my mind was a result of the prayers of God’s people, the people who have stood in the gap and prayed for the things I have forgotten or have been too anxious or distracted to pray for. Thank you, from all of our family, thank you.



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