Yay Noah . . .

Uh, I mean, stop that!

We have a no potty talk rule in our house.  That means potty words stay in the bathroom unless they are completely necessary.

Bella (4) and Seth (2) have been entertaining themselves lately by getting each other to say potty words and then tattling. 

I hear things like, “M-o-m-m-y, Bella said pee-pee,” several times a day. 

This morning as I was searching www.zillow.com for my dream home (we’re in the market), I had Seth and Noah playing with cars on the floor next to my desk. 

Noah (5 – Down syndrome):  (under his breath) – “pee pee.”

Seth (2):  “NOAH, don’t say pee pee.”

Noah:  “Pee pee.”

Seth: “Momma, Noah said pee pee.”

Momma:   “Noah, don’t say pee pee.”

Noah:  (Silence as mom goes back to what she was doing, then very quietly to Seth)   “pee pee.”

Okay, disobedience is  never okay, but let me interrupt this moment in training for a very important announcement.

Noah has graduated!!!  It’s got to be a well-documented developmental milestone when children transition from using words only to communicate their basic needs to using words to irritate the people around them and drive their mother’s crazy. 

Okay, back to child training now.


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