Twas the Night Before Surgery and All Through the House

Whew, today just absolutely blew by.  I called the hospital where Andres will be having his Chiari malformation decompression at 1 o’clock per instructions to get his finalized surgery time for tomorrow.  I’m a planner, and I hate having loose ends, so I was really looking forward to getting his surgery time nailed down.  I had to leave a message and was told they would get right back to me.  2 o’clock came and went.  At 2:30 I called again, left another message.  3:00 came and went, then 4:00.  Did I mention I hate having loose ends?  Especially nearing 5:00 on the day before Andres’ surgery.  I finally got desperate and called the surgeon’s office – I had the business card of the social worker there.  She answered the phone and when I told her what I needed, she told me she would call over to the hospital and see what she could find out and no matter what, she would call me back.  Not ten minutes later, the hospital was on the line thanking me for having the surgeon’s office let them know I was needing them to contact me 🙂 (yes, this was after I had left the hospital two messages).  It turns out they had more surgeries scheduled than usual, and they were still trying to contact all the people who needed their surgery times.  Then, about five minutes after that, the social worker called to make sure I had gotten the information I needed.  Anyway, long story short, I have never seen a doctor’s office work more efficiently than Dr. Timothy George’s.  They get things done, they return phone calls, and they take care of every little detail.  I’m totally impressed.  Oh, I hope that carries over to Andres’ hospital stay.

So here’s the news:  Andres will be having his surgery at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  We have to be at the hospital at 7:00.  Our pastor will meet us up there to pray with us before surgery.  We so appreciate the care he and his wife have given to our family.  The surgery will last about an hour and a half, then on to PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) for a day or two.  My awesome stepdaughters are pledging to keep us fed while we’re up at the hospital – I hear one of them is even willing to make multiple stops if we want a custom order.  How cool is that????   And our best neighbors in the world and some other sweet friends are going to keep our kids at home fed for the next few days.

Tonight as a family we laid hands on Andres and prayed for his healing, his hospital stay and his doctors.  We thanked God for giving us our first son and for the wonderful blessing he is to our family.  What a precious time of communion with each other and our Heavenly Father.  Hearing the love and concern each of the children have for Andres reminded me that I don’t have to have it all covered, there’s plenty of love between us all to go around.  Even Bella, who thanked God for Andres’ headaches (which alerted us to his Chiari malformation before any permanent damage was done), had wonderful words of life that blessed this momma’s heart.

Please continue to pray for our family throughout the week.  We are dependent on God’s provision, and  your prayers are an integral part of that.  I’ll post updates as they happen tomorrow as Andres goes into surgery, comes out, wakes up and lands in ICU and anything else exciting along the way.




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