Free App Alert: My First Words – Custom Flashcards With Voice

In learning all about my Noah’s new iPad, I’ve downloaded and previewed lots and lots of apps.  I’m especially looking for apps to help with Noah’s language skills and speech acquisition.   For children with Down syndrome, autism and other developmental and cognitive delays, language and AAC apps are an essential tool for both receptive and expressive language acquisition.

One app developer name I’m seeing over and over again in the higher-quality apps is a company named Alligator Apps. 

I found this app on Saturday, and it’s quickly become a favorite:

iPhone Screenshot 1

Yes, it’s FREE!!!!  You can upgrade for a whopping 99 cents, which will allow you access to six card categories in addition to the six categories provided plus a shuffle feature.  

I’m amazed at all the free features My First Words has to offer.  There are six categories with approximately 15 high-quality photo flashcards, each accompanied by text and with a high-quality professional voice.

iPhone Screenshot 2

Better still is the ability to add an unlimited amount of your own flashcards and categories as well as your own voice for each card.  And, yes, this feature is included in the FREE version.   This is the only flashcard app you will ever need.  Even the premade flashcards are editable (as are the ones you design yourself).  Some of the adjustable settings include game/learn mode, timing, font size, font color, order type, voice on/off, and capitalization.  The feature which allows you to make your own card is the easiest I’ve seen.  From within the app, simply chose a picture from your iPad camera roll or album, click on it, and your new flashcard will be made.  Then enter the text you want, record your voice using the app, and you’re done. 

Can you imagine how much fun your older kids will have running through the house making flashcards for your little one?  It is easiest enough for your elementary-aged kids to use to create the cards, and babies as young as 1 can use the flashcards.  Noah thinks it’s great he’s now got a set of electronic flashcards featuring the voice of Mom and the faces of his siblings.  You have to get this app – and let me know what you think. 

Thanks, Alligator Apps for another great addition!


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