For the Love of Chocolate

Yes, Bella turned a couple weeks ago, and she STILL wasn’t officially potty trained.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say we stopped having to worry about wet diapers but were still dealing with dirty diapers with her.  Okay, I know, too much information.

Anyway, desperate (and exhausted) as I was, I admit it, I resorted to bribery.  She refused to even acknowledge she understood the concept of keeping her diaper clean.  She earned plenty of M&Ms performing the first part of potty training, but she just couldn’t seem to move on to phase #2.  (No pun intended.)  We tried upping the stakes to 5 M&Ms.  No deal. 

What now? 

Nobody seems to get anything to themselves around here.  With so many kiddos, everything we buy seems to have to be shareable.  So what would be a dream come true for any sweet-loving 4-year-old in this situation?  A Three Musketeers bar all to herself.  I bought the candy bar, showed it to her every few hours.  Nothing.  And then it was time.  Bella on center stage — er, pot. 

Lightening bolt of inspiration. . .success!  And she has had nothing but success ever since.  (Of course I’ve replaced the full size candy bar with miniatures, but it still seems to be working.)

Right place, right time, right candy bar.

(Sigh – shaking head) . . . kids.


5 thoughts on “For the Love of Chocolate”

  1. You must be so relieved, Alyson. What a biggie. And just in time to make life simpler while Andres is in the hospital. I think having a full, stinky diaper quickly loses its appeal once she’s willing to give up that bit of control.

    Give her a BIG hug from me. If she feels like crowing, I’m a phone call away.

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