Counting Down to Surgery – Day 6

Six more days until Andres’ Chiari malformation decompression surgery.  Six more days of preparing, hoping and praying that this little incision they are going to make in the back of his head, that little piece of skull they are going to remove, that little patch of dura (membrane surrounding the brain) they are going to manipulate to give his brain more room will make a world of difference in the life of our son.  Will the surgery allow the cavity in his spine to resolve?  Will it cure his headaches and allow him to have a pain-free childhood?


I’m starting to get things organized around here for next week.  I have so little control on what is going to happen inside the hospital, so I’m compulsively preparing for meals to be brought in, making food to freeze, baking granola – I know – I’m weird like that.  At least I can do SOMETHING, ya know?

Andres has an appointment at the hospital lab on Friday for blood draws and a last-minute meeting with the anesthesiologist and another doctor who I am sure will explain, in detail, every possible risk associated with the surgery.  And then I’ll sign a paper saying it’s all fine – I’m totally willing to take the risks. 

But I’m not really willing. 

I don’t really see another good option though; doing nothing is not in the list of acceptable possibilities, not with a syrinx growing in Andres’ spine, making neurological damage a very real threat in the future.

How do you let a doctor cut on your child and hope everything comes out okay?  I don’t know, but I guess I’m going to find out.

I’m sleeping amazing well these days.  Strange.  Definitely a gift from God.  His mercies are new every day.




3 thoughts on “Counting Down to Surgery – Day 6”

  1. *Hug* Alyson,

    be sure we’ll be praying for you, Andres, and the crew at the hospital.

    May the LORD watch over you and wrap His Love around you. I pray that He will guide the hands of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. He will protect and heal Andres. He will – and already does – give you His peace! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

    Blessings and virtual *hugs*,

    1. Thanks, Mirjim. I needed that hug – and right back atcha!
      And thanks for that prayer – feels like I’m sitting right next to you having tea.


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