Pinned It, Did it – Frozen Yogurt Chips

Here’s the picture and the pin that inspired me:

Pinned Image

The link to the original website is

I’ve been combing my pins lately trying to find the ones that take the least amount of effort, and this one made the cut. This little gem required taking flavored yogurt, putting it into a Ziplock bag, squeezing out the extra air, snipping a corner and making bite-sized drops on a lined cookie sheet. When the tray was full, I slipped it in the freezer and served it up the next day. Frozen yogurt chips. The kids and I LOVED them!!!! It was sort of a mix between a popsicle and icecream, but definately something the kids would count as dessert. The color was a little dull, but if appearance is important to you, just add some food coloring into your yogurt. Another tip – make sure your dollups are small because these will give you one heck of a brain freeze if you have to bite into them. Noah and I have been “talking” about hot and cold lately, so we definitely put this in the cold category.

This was a definate two thumbs up and SOOOO easy – the only cleanup was the spoon, and I even used disposable.


3 thoughts on “Pinned It, Did it – Frozen Yogurt Chips”

  1. Looks like fun and yummy. I can picture the kids using the ZipLoc bag to dribble dots on trays. Adding color…always the appropriate thing to do in this family.

  2. Makes me think of the expensive Dippin Dots you can buy at the mall. This is much more cost effective. Thanks!

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