Around the House With Noah – Life Skills

I originally planned to have Noah do some fine motor and life skill work this week by cutting Play-Doh.  He was more interested in cutting his banana.

Hmmm.  Why not?

I grabbed a butter knife, let him peel his banana, and then he went to town.  Since Noah and knives usually don’t mix, he was very enthusiastic about anything I was going to let him do that involved a knife.   If you let your child do this activity, make sure there is no way the knife could cut his skin.  I’ve seen even plastic knives that if used just right can cut through skin, so be careful.

Cutting banana slices – add that to the list of things my Boy Wonder can do!

Yay Noah!


4 thoughts on “Around the House With Noah – Life Skills”

  1. Our little ones LOVE to do things themselves, don’t they? No matter what age or level. I applaud you for allowing him to explore in a way he felt inclined. I know I have to constantly remind myself to take my cues from my kids and allow a veering off track from my planned activity. Cutting Bananas is a wonderful fine motor skills activity! And a yummy one! 😉

    1. Thanks, Emily. Noah used his signs yesterday to ask for a banana and then headed straight for the silverware drawer looking for a knife. I love seeing him take the initiative to practice doing things I would otherwise be coaxing him to do.


      1. Amazing! we swear by sign language. I use it for both of my kids. My brother who has Down Syndrome (turned 29 yesterday) would have benefited from it greatly. Unfortunately it wasn’t really done back then.

      2. Hi Emily. Does your brother use sign language now? I find that all things and techniques that we use for our children with special needs, are also great to use with neurotypical kids. It’s just for kids with special needs, those things and techniques are usually crucial, where our typical kids can learn and accomplish things more generically. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to email you some questions about your brother in case you don’t see this response to your response.


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