Chores for Preschoolers – Sweeping

I came across this idea on Pinterest – I know a winning activity when I see one.

Here’s the pin.   I tried to find a link to the original post, but all that was uploaded for the pin was a picture.  Not everyone wants their child’s picture on everybody else’s blogs, so if you want to see the original, hit Pinterest.

Here’s how we did it for Noah:

I took some of those confetti dots I had left over from Easter and threw them down on the kitchen floor.

Next, I made a painter’s tape square for Noah to use as a target to sweep the dots into.  For little ones, sweeping makes a lot more sense when the contents are collected in a place clearly defined.  “This square” seems to work a lot better than “a pile.”

I called him into the room with, “Oh, Noah, come here.  What a mess we have.  What are we going to do?” 

He answered with the sign for dirty.










“Let’s get the broom and sweep the floor.  Do you know where we keep the broom?”

(He did and he went and got it.)

Sweeping can be awkward for little ones, but after a little hand-over-hand assistance, Noah got it down.


























3 thoughts on “Chores for Preschoolers – Sweeping”

  1. I love the idea of making a boundary in which to sweep your pile. I can use this with my adults with disabilities, too. Thanks.

    1. Great!!! As Noah gets older, I hope we can glean more from your experiences that might help him. It’s amazing how just a little alteration to a task can turn the impossible into something that Noah or another person with a disability can master. I’m still trying to learn to think outside of the box, but at least for the sweeping chore, thinking “inside” the box works. Ha ha. Ya know I just gotta crack myself up.


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