Good-Night Moon Activities – Sequencing With PECs (Cards)

Good-night Moon has got to be the number one bestseller for toddlers.   Mom – wasn’t this one of the books you would read over and over to Caleb (30+ years ago). 

It is also an excellent book to build home-based receptive vocabulary and to use as an as-you-go story board with.  Another concept we were able to cover was the difference between day and night. 

Here are free printable PECs (cards) to use as a file folder sequencing story board.  For members, the editable file is here:

(For nonmembers, visit for a free 24-hour trial membership)

If you prefer a free printable PDF, you can get that here without a membership:

Goodnight Moon PECS for Sequencing


  1. Print, laminate and cut Goodnight Moon PECS for Sequencing.  Put Velcro loop dots on the middle of the back of each card.
  2. Take two file folders, open them, and label one “day” and one “night.”  Add the appropriate number of Velcro hook strips according to the pictures above.
  3. Add a sun to the day label and a moon to the night label.  (Later, in step 5, As you do the activity, make sure to point out in the beginning that all this is happening during the day when the sun is out.  When the book comes to the good-night portion and the PECs are being moved over to the night folder, talk about now it is night and the moon is out.)
  4. Attach all PECs to the bottom portion of the day folder.
  1. As you read Goodnight Moon to your child, allow him to find each object mentioned and apply it to the top of the day folder in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom progression.
  2. When you reach the middle of the book where the good-nights start, have your child transfer the matching PEC from the day folder over to the night folder, again in a left-to-right, top-to-bottom progression.

There are a LOT of vocabulary words in Goodnight Moon, so especially to begin with, you may want to do this with just five or ten of the PECs and gradually build up to all of them. 

I have found the sequencing boards to really hold Noah’s interest and keep him focused on the book at hand, so I hope you’ll find them equally useful. 



2 thoughts on “Good-Night Moon Activities – Sequencing With PECs (Cards)”

  1. This idea looks great, Alyson

    If I remember correctly, Goodnight Moon was a baptism gift from Helen Havens, the priest who baptized him.

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