Excuse Me, But Did You See a Mouse Come This Way?

So I went out early Saturday morning to do my Saturday Solitude.  Lovely time.  I came home and one of the children was walking around with the mousetrap we caught Peanut in, and Peanut was back in it.  (For the story explaining Peanut’s presence in our lives, click here.  Apparently Daddy and the kiddos washed Peanut’s cage while I was gone (YAY Daddy!), and they put Peanut back into the very mousetrap that cost him his freedom in the first place.   The cage still needed bedding material in it, so for the time being Peanut was going to stay in the trap.

All good, right?

Well, later in the afternoon, one of the kids (I’ll not mention any names) moved Peanut’s trap from the safe place Andrew had set it and put it on the kitchen counter.  A few hours later, it was time to put Peanut back in the cage. 

Oh, Peanut, where are you?

The trap is gone.

Can’t you just picture a silver box trap gliding across the floor with a mouse in it scurrying desperately for escape?  Or maybe Peanut managed to shed his steel trap and is now racing around the house carrying the trap on his back.

Noah is our prime suspect.  We asked him where the mouse was and he pointed to the trash can.  I’m thinking he’s trying to throw us off the trail and he’s really stashed it somewhere because he wants the mouse to himself.  

We had company over Saturday night, and Leah (10) went up to the Missus and said, “Excuse me, but when you all were in the kitchen, did you happen to see my mouse?” 

She was serious.

It’s a good thing our guests have a sense of humor.

So, if you happen to see our mouse or a suspicious looking silver box, please drop us a line.  We’ll hurry right on over.




2 thoughts on “Excuse Me, But Did You See a Mouse Come This Way?”

    1. Solitude Saturday or Saturday Solitude is my habit of disappearing on most Saturday mornings and staying gone until about 4:00. Hubby didn’t exactly offer it to me, but I got to the point that I started doing it out of sheer desperation. My life is intense — good but intense, and as an introvert, it is asking me too much to stay home and in charge 24/7. I started realizing as much as I love this season of my life, if I didn’t start getting some time away, I wasn’t going to survive emotionally or spiritually. As much as my hubby helps with everything, the truth is by Saturday I can’t think straight anymore. So I leave and do my grocery shopping, thrift store shopping, Austin errands, hit the library and do some writing and collecting books for the kids, etc. Some of it is errands and some of it is just whatever I feel like doing. I come back happy, missing everyone, and with a gameplan for the week ahead.

      Is that more than you wanted to know? :).

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