Around the House with Noah – Cutting and Pasting

Our theme for the week is Around the House.  Here is the link to the coloring page we used to make a simple puzzle.  I love this one because it has the letter H and the word “house” on it.   Bella is at the early stages of starting to read, so anything with the printed word on it is great for her.  I also think that by surrounding Noah with letters and words, we are creating the best environment possible for him to learn to read in his own time.

I printed two copies each for Noah and Bella, then drew lines to divide each page into four equal squares.  Each child had one copy cut along the lines and one copy not cut.  We got the glue sticks out, and Noah and Bella glued the cut pieces on top of the proper section on the uncut page.  Then we got out the markers and they colored their completed house.  A simple idea that works with any simple (or not so simple) printed picture.

If you’re visual like me, this might help:

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