Chores for Preschoolers – Sorting Forks, Knives and Spoons

I starting working on matching with Noah at an early age, so it was a natural progression to move to sorting.

There are many opportunities for sorting in a busy household, dirty laundry, silverware, canned goods, socks, toys.  Today we’re focusing on sorting silverware.  Because we have rather cramped kitchen drawers and cabinets, our silverware drawer is full of a lot more things than forks, knives and spoons; so for silverware sorting I bought an additional silverware tray and Noah sorts the forks, knives and spoons and then I transfer them over to the big drawer.   I place one of each utensil in the appropriate section and give about 15 mixed utensils to Noah to sort using the preplaced utensils as a guide.

This activity lends itself well to vocabulary building – left, right, middle, fork, knife, spoon.  There is also good fine motor work to be had, not only picking up and setting down the silverware, but also stacking the spoons and forks neatly one on top of the other.

I love seeing Noah starting to build up his living skills with activities like these.  A little work and practice now will pay off big time later when we can just hand him a dish drainer full of table ware and he can fill our silverware drawer with it.


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