L is for Lollipop

Our letter this week is l, and what better l word is there than lollipops?

Lollipops are better than gold around here, so I knew this activity would hold Noah’s attention.

Activity: Lollipop L
Supplies: Small cup, lollipops, painters tape
1. Using painters tape, make an oversized letter l on your floor.
2. Place the lollipops upside down in the cup. (Having your child pick up the lollipops by the sticks will be good fine motor work.)
3. Demonstrate to your child how to pick a lollipop and lay it on the l. Ask your child to make the l sound, say an l word of your choosing or say lollipop before allowing them to take the next lollipop.

Noah did so well with this!!! I broke lollipop down into three syllables, and although he doesn’t have his l’s down, he made the vowel sounds and he hit a few of the pops dead on. This is a big step for him because he thus far has only been able to do CV (consonant-vowel), and pop is CVC.

I’ve always said food is his greatest motivator, and I’m finding out that’s par for the course with Down syndrome. Ahhh, a boy after my own heart – in more ways than one.



2 thoughts on “L is for Lollipop”

  1. These stories are really inspirational. I’m sure that as his parent you have more time to spend working on activities like these with your son. As a private tutor I only have limited time and resources for my hourly sessions but I have seen some of these ideas that might be able to be adapted for use in my lessons (with your permission of course).

    1. Oh, I definately imply permission just by posting this stuff publicly. The only thing I ask is if you blog about it, you provide a link back to my blog as well.

      I have 7 children, 6 under 10, and I homeschool all of them, so I totally understand the time issue. I’m trying to streamline things a bit, so when I go to the effort to prepare an activity, I can use the materials in several different ways. This helps me accomplish more in the time I spend with Noah, and perhaps it may help in your situation as well. For example, if you do a painters tape letter L, have the child walk it, put l word flashcards on it and say the words as he lays the cards down, line it with lollipops, push toy cars along it etc. You can have the child practicing the l sound or l words as you do these activities.

      It’s a struggle for me to think outside of the box, so I’m sure you will have some great ideas to add to this. Make sure to stop by and let me know if you use any of these ideas and how they are working for you.


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