What a Kindergartener Needs to Know

Thank you, yet, again, Pinterest, for some really helpful information. 

My children are natural learners, and they pick up concepts so quickly.  I haven’t used much in the way of formal curriculum for them until they reached first grade.  With Noah, though, because we homeschool and because of his Down syndrome, I’m finding myself wondering what in the world I should be teaching him, and just how far behind is he anyway.  Looking at kindergarten curriculum has been very discouraging, because I find myself thinking over and over again, there is no way he is ready for this.  When you look at typical homeschool kindergarten curriculum, it is mostly cut and paste and learning to write letters and learn initial sounds, all things that most (not all) children with Down syndrome and other special needs are going to be delayed in.

things to work on this summer

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This list is so comprehensive, taken straight from an assessment used in public schools.  As much as I am glad to be untouched by the local school district, the assessments they use are usually pretty darn good. 

Kindergarteners need more than the alphabet and clear speech to succeed.  They need curiosity and social skills that will allow them to maneuver through the learning environment that kindergarten provides whether they are homeschooled, public schooled or private schooled.  They also need to be able to sit still, listen, follow directions, wait, take turns, hold a crayon, and identify colors – and Noah is great at all these things.   So, we’ll work on cutting lines on construction paper, counting, singing our ABCs, skipping , writing, and of course talking during Noah’s kindergarten year.  And we’ll do it right along side what we’ve already been doing, because looking at this list I’d have to say it’s working.  My experience in raising a child with Down syndrome is that although the timing of learning may be different than typical children, the order is pretty consistent.  It’s pretty exciting to see where we are in the order, and we’re moving right along. 

Yay Noah!


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