Pinned it, Did it – Outback Copycat Bread

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If you haven’t ever tasted the dark delicious bread that Outback Steak House serves with all its meals, you’ve missed out.  I found this copycat recipe on Pinterest, and especially after taking a look at the rather unconventional recipe, I had my doubts, but I just had to try it.  And let me tell you, it did not dissappoint.  I couldn’t get my hands on the caramel coloring the recipe called for, so I used molasses instead.  The taste was spectacular, but it was missing that deep dark brown that Outback bread is famous for. 

This recipe has taken my house by storm and has taken the place of my family’s favorite bread recipe.  Granted, we’re dropping from 100% whole wheat to 50%, but there’s no way we could go back to the old standby after being spoiled like this.  Making it in little loaves only adds to the charm and also makes it easy to freeze so that none of it goes to waste.  In my kitchen, this recipe made six mini-loaves.

Try it (click on the picture above for the recipe), and tell me what you think.


2 thoughts on “Pinned it, Did it – Outback Copycat Bread”

  1. So you did get hooked to Pinterest, after all 😉 LOL. Well, good thing! That way we get to enjoy yummy recipes like this one. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes, totally hooked!!!! I haven’t tried very many of the recipes – I seem to always be meal planning in a rush. I’m hoping to try more soon, though. The few things I’ve tried (crafts, recipes, activities) have turned out really well. Blessings to you in Ireland.


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