Repurposing Wooden Blocks

Wooden blocks have got to be the best toy every created.  I don’t remember much about my childhood, but oh how I remember our wooden blocks.  Remember, Mom, the colorful set we had?  Half moons, cylinders, the rectangles with the half moons cut out?  I can remember seeing how tall we could build the towers and the endless roads we’d make out of the rectangles for our toy cars.  Gosh, I even remember the cardboard cylindrical container with the metal bottom that we’d turn upside down and build on top of.  I think I can even remember my dad getting down on the floor to build with us.  Wow, a blast from the past!

Whew.  Thanks for reliving that memory with me.  On to repurposing.

One of the activities Noah enjoys is using rubber stamps.  I don’t have any shape rubber stamps, so I was about to hit to order some, when I remembered something I had seen on Pinterest.  It suggested making rubber stamps out of craft foam.  We have craft foam coming out our ears, letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc., so I thought I’d give the idea a try.  Thinking about it I realized the alphabet stamps I have are foam blocks with a foam letter on them, so there’s no reason making homemade stamps wouldn’t work.








Now, who doesn’t have these lieing around their house?

Next, drop a little glue on the surface of the block  you want your rubber shape to be on.  Add shape.  Wah-lah!!!







Add a stamp pad or paint, a happy child or two (both Bella (3) and Noah (5 with Down syndrome) loved this, paper. . .and ta-da!!!







An extra bonus – the foam shapes peel right off if you want to switch them out for other shapes, letters, etc., without using more blocks.

I’m thinking we must have other things lying around the house that I could use instead of wooden blocks for this activity, but I can’t think of what those would be.  Any ideas?


One thought on “Repurposing Wooden Blocks”

  1. I brought them to the condo with me. They’re now in a tin cylindrical can mixed in with Lego pieces. It’s this love affair we have with color!

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