One App at a Time – Motion Math Hungry Fish App Review

From  comes this description of Motion Math Hungry Fish:

“Your fish is hungry – hungry for numbers! This fun addition and subtraction game for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch has instant addition: touch two numbers together to instantly add. Most addition games teach in the form 3 + 4 = __; Hungry Fish challenges players to find different ways to make a 7 (1+6, 2+5, 3+2+2, etc.). There’s 18 levels of challenge (for 4-year-olds to adults) and bonuses to customize your fish with new colors and fins.

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

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App:  Motion Math – Hungry Fish

Ages – 4 years-adult

Cost – Free, in app-purchases .99 to 8.99

4-1/2 out of 5 stars

Motion Math – Hungry Fish is a high-quality math game that provides drill-type learning in a fun and fast-paced environment.  I loved this game because there is an age-appropriate level for everyone in my family from my 3-year-old to my accountant husband.  There are three skills covered in the paid version:  Addition, subtraction and negatives with two environments to choose from for each skill.  Each environment in the paid version has 18 skill levels which automatically advance as you work through the game.  This adds up to a whopping 108 unique options with each new game generating a new set of numbers.     

I love this game!!!  The features are very easy to understand and manipulate.  How to Play, Parent Guide, Options and About are all very well-documented, an unusual feature for most of the apps available.  Lots of screen shots and clear directions make this game easy to navigate.

A high score screen allows multiple players, in our case siblings and Mom, to keep track of their point – great for this competitive family.

Controlling the bubbles is very easy, the settings seem to be exactly right where the screen is sensitive but not too sensitive to the players touch.

This is a great way to drill addition, subtraction and negative fact families, and you’ll be amazed at your child’s (and your own) increased mental math speed and accuracy as they work their way through the boards.  This game requires players to think ahead and keep the available numbers in their working memory as they pair up numbers to match the fish’s number.

I gave this 4-1/2 out of 5 stars because although the value, concept, quality, efficacy and ease of use are all high, from the first level and environment to the last, the action is the same; only the numbers and environment are different.  I don’t think that will dissuade very many users from getting hooked on this great way to practice math.

For the free starter version of Motion Math – Hungry Fish, go to :


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