J is for Jesus

Last year we belonged to a house church who came along side us as we all started learning sign language.  We learned the signs for all the verses to Jesus Loves me.  Doing the signs as we sung really added another dimension to our worship.  I wish I could say I came up with a really snazzy PDF, but in reality, I did a lot of cutting and pasting – with scissors and glue, mind you.

I do have a couple resources to share with you, though, that should at least get you through the first verse.  This is a great video – most of her signs are the same ones I learned, and seeing her on video clips really helps get the signs down exactly right.


Here is a printable ASL version of Jesus Loves Me.  You may notice some of the signs are a little different in the handout than they are in the video clips.  There are some variations of some words based on meaning and region.  I like using a printout as a crutch, so you may want to learn it by the video clips and just use the printout for reference.


Since we were learning Js this week, we sang Jesus Loves Me in sign language (singing and signing) as our lunchtime grace.

And remember, ASL has its own grammar rules, so it’s more accurate to say these versions of Jesus Loves Me are in Signed Exact English.  The words are the same as in ASL, but the sentence structure is different.  Hope you enjoy them. 

For more detailed description of the signs used, please visit www.lifeprint.com.


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