I Quit

Well, by the end of this week we will have made it through the alphabet up to J. 

It’s been fun, Noah’s done amazing work, and I’ve met a lot of the productivity goals I set for myself.  Yes, we actually did a lot of the activities I planned for us to do.  In my world, that doesn’t happen very often. 

But I quit.

I’m tired (bored, restless, worn out).

The rest of the kids are on summer vacation. 

Now Noah is too.  Sort of .

I’m compulsive when it comes to that kid.  I don’t want to miss a single opportunity for him to use his voice, learn a new word, have a lightbulb go on.  But I think we might have more fun if we had a little more flexibility.  The kid loves trains.  I have a feeling he might care just a smidgen more about wheels and choo-choo and the color of the cars than he does that K comes after J.  And to tell you the truth, I’m getting a little tired of bypassing cool activities because they don’t line up with the letter of the week.

Gasp.  Stop letters of the week when we’ve only gotten to J?  Yup.  Ah, the beauty of homeschooling.  I reserve the right to stop and change gears anytime I want.  That’s also something nice about teaching children with special needs.  They are flexible.  They’ll take some from anything you teach, but they won’t take all of it.  So  when a better idea comes along, they’ll go with it, because they trust you, they believe you know what you’re doing.

And don’t worry.  I’m not abandoning the alphabet altogether.  I’m going to streamline it though.  One day a week – I’m shooting for Mondays, I’ll work with Noah on the “letter of the week.”  Except it will really just be the letter of the day.  Because that one day is the only day I’m planning to work on it.  We’ll do our Play-Doh letter mats, letter stamping, painter’s tape letters, dot art, etc.  All activities he can repeat weekly, just with a different letter each week.  No planning needed. 

The other days of the week?  No promises for the month of June.  It’s summer.   We have so many developmental activities around here, I’m not worried about being at a loss of things for Noah to do.  And we’ll keep working on his articulation words, of course.  

I plan on starting school up in July.  It’s going to be crazy.  With Andres’ surgery scheduled for early August, we’ve got lots of extra appointments.  Add that to swim lessons for three of the children at three separate times, and it’s absolutely nuts.  But I feel like I need to work consistently with Noah.  It is so important to me that the delays in his learning are despite rather than a lack of my best efforts.  I’m thinking that starting in July I might try themes for Noah – transportation, animals, food, weather etc.   

I’m curious.  How are you other parents handling summer?  Do you give your children with special needs a total break or do you play catch up?



4 thoughts on “I Quit”

  1. Hi, I identify with you on the alphabet plans. I abandoned the plan with my daughter months ago, when it just didn’t work for her. And I forgot to factor in the ‘break’ time for myself. I think a break once in awhile is more important for me, to get myself back on the right track with the positive attitude (teaching her can be very frustrating at times). When I have my break, she gets a break too, so it’s a win win thing. I don’t push her too much, and I get to maintain my sanity. (but even during breaks, she still have to do some routine work like practice handwriting and structured play, but I don’t introduce new things.

    1. I like your plan. I’m thinking along those lines. It is much harder to give myself a break than it is him. But I really think we both need it, just like you said.


  2. My special needs kiddo is 6 yo and schools year round but in the summer I am much more flexible. We do not do formal school time on Mondays or Fridays and we are focusing on phonics/reading this summer to hopefully catch up a bit. My older kiddos are on summer break except for our Bible curriculum and they are also following the same 4 days off/3 days school. Love you blog – such an inspiration!

    1. Whew, so I’m not the only one out there who feels like they need to school their kiddo with special needs a little more than the others. I like the four days off, three days on. I might try that for July since things are going to be so crazy. Thanks for the encouragement – am heading to check out your blog now.


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