10,000 Hits and Climbing

In the last few days of watching my stats, I see www.wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com has crossed the threshold of having 10,000 views.  I’ve been doing this since January, so to me 10,000 hits covering 80 countries is pretty overwhelming.  You know the cliché, right?  If I can just help one person . . .

As I contemplate just what it all means, I continue to hope to help at least one person.  I continue to hope that sharing my experience and my testimony will shine the light on Jesus Christ and all that He has done and is doing in the life of my family.  I continue to hope that the research I’ve done, the experiences we’ve had, the ideas I’ve put together, will mean one more person out there won’t have to reinvent the wheel.  I continue to hope that somehow by writing down and chronicling the days of our lives, I will see more clearly the touch of God on each and every detail.  These hopes are being fulfilled, and as more and more readers have stopped by and left a comment or clicked on the follow button so I can see who they are, hopes I didn’t even know I had are also being fulfilled:  The hope of joining a community of moms who are living through some of the same days I am, the hope that I can find other researchers and activity planners so I don’t have to keep re-inventing the wheel, the hope that other moms more mature than I can shine a little of their light my way, the hope of being a part of something bigger than myself for His glory.

Sandy, Ray, Meridian, Mirjam, Victoria – thank you for showing up consistently in one way or another, through likes, comments, etc.  You really made me feel right at home out here in blogville.  You are in my prayers more than you know, and I thank God for you.

Each one of you who have liked a post, commented or followed – those little actions have encouraged me and made my voice just a little stronger, just a little bolder.  Thank you.

Mom, thanks a zillion for being my biggest fan, and giving me such encouraging feedback.  I love you.

Thank you for stopping by today.  I treasure our time together.




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