H-Word PECs for Memory Game

While we’re on the subject of long-term, short-term and working memory, here are some H Words Memory PECs I’ve been using to play the Memory Game with Noah. I used www.mrsriley.com to make these – it was SOOOO easy!!! You’ll find PECs for hippo, helicopter, hat, heart, happy, horse, hot, house and hello.

This is a 2-page file structured so you can print it on a duplex printer, and the backs of the cards will have the words printed on them. If you don’t have a duplex printer, glue the pages back to back with a sheet of cardstock between them. (Don’t laminate if they have been glued to cardstock because the laminate won’t seal all three layers together.). You’ll need two copies of each page to play the Memory Game.

Why have words printed on the backs of the cards? Because your child won’t be able to stop himself from “cheating” by trying to match the words to each other. Matching written word to written word is a great pre-reading skill. The trouble with Noah is he is not the least bit interested in matching words to words when I sit down with him and use flashcards. This game is only dependent on your child remembering and matching the pictures. He’ll only use the letters and words on the back of the cards to help him when he is ready. No pressure. You may decide you want to read the back of the card to your child when he puts his hand on it. This may promote his linking the written word to the image. (The written word is also written below the image. If your child is a resistant learner, don’t feel you have to read the word. Sometimes it’s best to miss an obvious teachable moment if capturing it would mean losing the cooperation of your child.)

For www.mrsriley.com members, a fully editable file is available at http://mrsriley.com/app/#fileID=52266. For non-members, you can edit and download this file with a 24-hour free trial membership. Just follow the directions once you click on the above link.


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