G is for Gold Glitter

As if Gold Glitter Play-Doh wasn’t enough . . .








Okay, I admit it.  Though you’d never know it by the way I dress, I do love a little bling.  This activity is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll throw in a couple ideas to make it easier than usual.  First I used chalk to draw the letter g on black construction paper.  Next, I handed over the glue bottles to Noah (5 with Down syndrome) and Bella (3), and they traced the letters with the glue.  I was really surprised on this step because Noah did a beautiful job of staying mostly on the line.  Bella had lots of blobs and gaps.  I gave them both paintbrushes, and they went back and spread the paint along the G.  This was a great way to maximize the time and minimize the effort of our craft time.  We can use all the sensory play and fine motor help we can get.  Finally, I turned the glitter top to the sprinkle holes and let the kids sprinkle it on the G themselves.  They loved that.  

I think this one will “stick” (I crack myself up) with them a while – who can forget a gold glitter G?



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