How Fun is That?

We went to Wal-Mart last night to pick up a few things.  A nice way to end a holiday.  I love to shop. 

The children were even more wonderful than usual.   At one point the Middles were pushing the Littles in carts and Andrew and I were walking behind them.  I nudged Andrew and said jokingly, “Just look at those kids.  I bet your wife is one happy lady to have a house-full of such good looking children.”

Next thing you know, we were walking down an aisle where an employee was standing.  He took one look at the eight of us (Trinity was elsewhere in the store) and he asked us if they were all ours.  Happily we said yes, and mentioned there were three more.

“Don’t you know how that happens?,” he asked.

“Oh, yes,” I replied, giggling. 

Then he turned his attention to my husband.  “Just look at her, she’s all happy,” he said incredulously.  Still trying to figure us out, he went on, “Are you going to have any more?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe one or two,” I responded.  My baby isn’t such a baby anymore.

Then he started getting a little agitated.  “Are you crazy?” he asked.

“Just happy,” I replied.  “Look at them.”

And there they were, all together, happily chatting with each other.

And then the most amazing thing happened.  His face softened.  He said, “Those are the most well-behaved children I’ve seen all day.” 

“Yeah, they’re pretty amazing,” my husband and I agreed.

“How fun is that!!!!” the man said, seeing children, if only for a moment, in a whole new light.

Indeed, how fun is that!!!

Disclaimer:  It’s not every day that we could have a magical moment like that in the middle of Walmart.  More days than not, perhaps, but we have our moments of mayhem too.  So if you happen to run into me on a mayhem day, be sure to remind me to post about it too, although isn’t it much more fun to hear about the good days?  They sure are more fun to write about.  🙂


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