DIY Glitter Play-Doh

And, yes, it IS as easy as it sounds.

Reasons for making glitter Play-Doh:

1.  I restocked my stash of glitter last night.  (By the way, did you know Hobby Lobby has glitter in every color under the sun?)

2.  It’s cheap.

3.  This week is G week, and I get double points for GOLD GLITTER.

4.  Andrew had a meeting tonight, so it was just the kids and me and what seemed like an eternity until bedtime.

5.  Play-Doh + glitter = fine motor, occupational therapy, sensory play double time.

Activity:  DIY Glitter Play-Doh

Supplies:  Glitter and Play-Doh.  (Off brands and homemade Play-Doh work too.) 









1.  Flatten the Playdough you want to glitterize.

2.  Pour glitter over the surface of your flattened Play-Dough.  (I used about 1 teaspoon per can.)  You can always add more and redistribute.








3.  Fold edges of Play-Doh towards the middle to seal in the glitter.  Knead Play-Doh until the glitter is evenly distributed.








Noah really seems to like this glamorized Play-Doh, not to mention the other four kiddos who joined us at the table tonight.  It’s the little things, know what I mean?


3 thoughts on “DIY Glitter Play-Doh”

  1. A lot of kiddo Alyson comes out to play herself. Isn’t it great that your kids give you excuses to do these things? The Houston grandkids are my excuse to see cartoon movies. If there was Tom and Jerry movie, I’d be first in line…ma

    P.S. I’m bringing Pinocchio this weekend.

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