Play-Doh just goes well with anything, doesn’t it?

Even the alphabet.  Play-Doh + the alphabet letters = Kinesthetic, fine motor, literacy-learning, memory-making fun.

In an effort to get the most out of each sit-down session with Noah, I’m starting to expand my use of our everyday learning materials.  Instead of doing one Play-doh activity a day, we are having one Play-Doh day a week, and on that day, we’ll be doing everything with Play-doh I can think of.  So instead of 5 minutes of Play-Doh, 5 minutes of light table, 5 minutes of bingo daubers, 5 minutes of stamping, and then a great big mess to clean up, I’m going to be choosing just one or two materials to focus on each day.

We’re learning the letter F this week, but in brainstorming Play-doh activities for this morning, I found a few that can be done with any alphabet letter.  Here’s what we did this morning around the dining room table:

1.  Cookie cutter letters – alphabet cookie cutter and a rolling pin

2.  Play-Doh stamping – alphabet rubber stamp (I got mine at Wal-Mart.

3.  Play-Doh letter mat from  The link is to their free alphabet printables page – scroll down to the Play-Doh mat link.  Lot’s of great stuff on that page.  You’ll want to laminate this or put it in a sheet protector.

4.  Object collage – Use one or more items that start with the letter you are teaching, and allow your child to make abstract art by sticking the items into a clump of the Play-Doh.  Feathers were perfect for us since we’re on F this week.

5.  Alphabet beads – Wooden or plastic beads with the letter you are teaching on them.  For Noah I made a pile of about eight beads, some were the letter O and some were the letter F.  He had to find all the Fs one by one and put them in the Play-Doh.  Multi-tasking – oh yeah!

How about you – how do you use Play-Doh to teach or reinforce concepts?


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  1. I’ve seen the OT use playdough or thera-putty to hide objects in. You could hide objects that begin with the letter or several capital and lower case versions of the letter in the playdough in the playdough and let the child find them. It could be a fun way to review letters by hiding letters that were done in recent weeks and have the child practice just those recently taught letters.

    1. I so love this idea. Last week we made salt dough and used cookie cutters to cut out the letters, but I’m at a loss on how to use them other than for sensory boxes or maybe some tracing and matching. We will definately try your idea! Thanks.


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