E is for Erasers

  Always keeping an eye on the practical, I know that the more Noah can do for himself, the better for all of us, including him.  So last week while we were learning the letter E was the perfect time for Noah to practice putting erasers on pencils.  Not only was this a great vocabulary exercise (eraser is probably a new word to him), not only was this a great fine motor exercise, but this was also a great life skills exercise.  He walked away from this knowing what an eraser was, what its function was, where to put it and how to use it.

Make sure to put an eraser on at least one sharpened pencil and allow your child to write a line and then erase it.

This activity would be a perfect opportunity to practice previous skills.  You could write a letter on the pencil eraser and write the same letter on the free-floating eraser and have your child match.  You could also use colored pencils and have your child match the colored eraser to the same colored pencil.

Noah usually is enthusiastic about using materials to learn that he knows we use in everyday living.  It’s a nice dynamic because capitalizing on that means that he is learning how to interact and operate the tools in his environment.  I mean, just look at the joyful concentration on this kid’s face!

How about you?  How have you gone about teaching life skills to your precious ones?  Any favorite mediums or materials?


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