E is for Egg Cartons

And yet another fantastic alphabet activity from Pinterest that Noah absolutely loved:

(Here’s the original pin:)

Letter of the week – Egg Carton E

Let’s face it, arts and crafts are messy.  And it’s just not worth it to me to do 15 minutes of supply gathering and prep work in order to do a 5-minute activity followed by another 15 minutes of cleanup.  For what?  For an awesome project that might make it to the honorable mention sections of my wall and might not.

I loved the thriftiness, the look and the sensory appeal of this egg carton E, but what I loved even more is that I saw several ways to extend the use of this project.  Here’s my version:

Activity:  Egg carton E


  1. Egg carton cut into four sections:  One with five cups, three with two cups.
  2. Large piece of construction paper, cardstock or poster board.
  3. Bottled glue and a paintbrush.
  4. Permanent marker.


  1. Draw an upper-case E on your poster board in the size that will be covered by your egg cartons.  Draw a smaller E underneath to serve as a model.
  2. Allow your child to paint glue onto the bottom of the egg carton segments and glue them on the cardboard E.  The longest segment should be used to form the vertical line of the E.
  3. Allow to dry and then hang or proceed to extension activities.

Extension Activity 1:  1:1 Pom Pom Correspondence

This extension activity is pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll let the picture do the talking – ice tongs, pom poms and your egg carton E.

Extension Activity 2:   Uppercase E and Lowercase E Egg Matching

Color Coding Labels, which can be found in the office supply section of your local store, are extremely helpful when it comes to multi-purposing materials.

For this activity, rather than try to fit my pen into the egg carton sections to write the letters, I wrote 5 uppercase E’s and 6 lowercase e’s on the stickers and then applied them to the egg carton sections.  When finished, this approach allows you either to simply remove the stickers and apply new ones, or you can apply a new sticker directly over the old ones. 










 Then I wrote the same number of E’s and e’s on plastic eggs.  Noah’s job was to match the uppercase and lowercase egg Es to the uppercase and lowercase E sections of the egg carton.  If I didn’t have so many plastic eggs to use up, I would have used the removable color coding labels on the eggs as well.

One thought on “E is for Egg Cartons”

  1. When Noah starts writing, you will have already taught him the proper way to write a Capital E. Long stroke on the left, three short strokes, left to right….oops, maybe today it’s taught differently. I can imagine the upper short leg right to left, then straight down, then lower short let left to right, then middle leg left to right.

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