Apps for Special Needs …Which are Your Favorite?

Well, we decided getting an IPAD for Noah couldn’t wait.  He has demonstrated a real aptitude for the IPAD his wonderful speech therapist uses with him, and we want to reproduce and capture that at home, since that is where he spends most of his time.  I thought I’d better ask the experts before I start shelling out any money.  That’s where you come in.  Let’s face it.  On this journey of raising children with special needs, it’s the parents who know what works, what doesn’t, and what doesn’t work even when it should.

So I need your help.  what apps have been a hit in your house?  I’m looking for apps for speech and language development, Down syndrome, and autism as well as preschool concepts and educational apps all the up through fifth grade.

Do you have a blog post about your favorite apps?   I’d love to link it or have you share your  resources with my readers via a guest post.  Know a website that lists the best apps for special needs?  Share.

Even if you only have one or two apps to share, every little bit helps, and sometimes it just takes one itty bitty thing to make a difference in the life of a child.


8 thoughts on “Apps for Special Needs …Which are Your Favorite?”

  1. Hi! I just wrote a blog post on apps but I am pretty new to blogging and I am not sure how to share my post. My blog is and the post is called There’s An App For That. I will go back to my blog and see if I can figure out how to link it.

    Love the design of your blog, by the way.


    1. Hi Kathy. Thanks so much for your response. I found your article easily and will link to it in a future post, but for now my readers can get to it the same way I did. I just jumped over to your blog for a quick look, but it is very impressive. I would have never guessed you are new to this. We need more blogs like yours to help us with the how tos. Keep in touch!


      1. Thanks!! I am glad you were able to find it and I appreciate your comments about my blog. I know that there is a huge need for this information and I am very excited to be doing this. I am lucky to have a great photographer and the pictures really make the blog beautiful.

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I don’t know any apps but I am following and also I follow feature apps for kids, and Mashable feature lots of Tech developments including apps for kids. If you find that there are education, technology and news sites that you follow, you can use to pull all of your news feeds together for you, send out a daily email, that way you won’t miss a useful app.
    Hope I’ve helped,

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