Andres – Chiari Malformation, Syrinx Update

Wow.  A lot can happen in 24 hours.

My day started off with a phone call from the neurosurgeon’s nurse.  In less than 24 hours they have approved him for a consultation with the neurosurgeon himself.  (In order to see him, the neurologist has to send a referral and the neurosurgeon’s nurse practitioners screen out patients who they don’t feel require the services of the neurosurgeon is the way I understand it.)  So, in half a day, Dr. Rearden got the necessary paperwork to neurosurgery and they jumped right on it.

What planet are we on?  I’ve never seen anything in the medical field like this.  Wonderful.

Still regretting that I didn’t ask Dr. Rearden about going ahead and doing more testing in the meantime, I asked the nurse if Dr. George (the highly recommended neurosurgeon) would be willing to go ahead and order any tests that might be helpful so that he could have the results for Andres’ first visit.  She said he usually takes care of that, but she’d double check to see if there was anything that would be helpful.  So a couple hours ago I got a call from the MRI facility saying Dr. George had ordered a MRI of the rest of Andres’ spine.

Talk about a specific answer to prayer!!!!  That’s what I’ve been wanting for months – what the MRI facility initially turned down saying there wasn’t sufficient cause.  They’ll be looking for a tethered cord on these images; it is often linked with these Chiaris.  We’re praying they don’t find one; a normal MRI scan of the lower back will rule this out.

So the MRI happens next week, the neurosurgery evaluation happens the middle of June.

God is good; and one way or another, He’s got this under control.




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