When I Grow Up

Well, Bella has changed her mind about what she wants to be when she grows up.  Last weekend it was a cow.  This weekend it’s a pig.  I think she’s just messing with me, what do you think?

The last few months as I’ve gotten passionate about helping Noah learn to speak and I’ve immersed myself in all things speech and language related, I’ve mused to myself, “Why couldn’t I have had this passion at 20, when I could have done something more about it (like go to school)?”

It’s just so backwards that here I am a smidgen past 40, and it’s only now that I fully have the desire to be educated, proficient.  I really didn’t care about these things at 20.  And my current life is wayyyy too important to give up in order to earn a degree.

But in processing all this I’ve realized that it’s only because of my journey that I have the desire to learn these things.  I love all things speech and language related because I love a little boy who needs my help in mastering speech and language.

I love to teach because I have seven little learners who depend on me to fill their minds with a knowledge and understanding of the Lord’s Creation.

I love all things culinary because I have a husband who works hard all day and deserves (my word, not his) a good meal when he gets home.  I’ve got children who I want to grow up strong and healthy and remembering the yummy home-cooked meals their mom made.

I love medical research because I have a whole bunch of wonderful children, three of them with medical conditions, and I want the very best life God has for them, free of pain and limitation.

I am where I am because of where I’ve been and God’s good and wonderful provision over the years.

So I’m thinking today of all the professions the Lord is allowing me to pursue as an amateur, chef, maid, preschool teacher, high school teacher, counselor, elementary teacher, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist (okay, I’m not so interested in that one, thank the Lord for Ms. Laurie who does this job for me),  social coordinator, child development specialist, professional organizer (okay, I’m a TERRIBLE organizer, but I’m still pursuing it), Sunday School teacher, chauffeur, nurse, and doctor (I REALLY would like to give this job up, but I haven’t found anybody who I trust to replace me).

Did I miss any?

Pretty cool, eh?  How many of these would I have never had the opportunity or need to pursue if I had stayed on the career route instead of becoming a full-time wife and mother?  And for those of you who are doing both, I salute you.

No regrets here.  I can’t imagine a more well-rounded life of things I love.

What roles have you found yourself in along your journey?  What things are you passionate about now that you never thought you would have been?


One thought on “When I Grow Up”

  1. A priest at Palmer Memorial Episcopal on the eve of Thanksgiving either 1995 or 1996 said something like “Until you are thankful for every day that has brought you this far, God can’t bring His good works to fruition in you.” Sounds like you’re saying the same thing.


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