American Sign Language (ASL) Printable Forest Animals

Jackpot!!!  I found a whole sheet of free printable forest animal signs over at   Just click on the graphic below and it will take you right to it.

                                                                          ASL for squirrel

While I usually prefer making ASL flashcards to post around the house, I like to be able to see a whole category of signs for things like food, colors, animals, and other things that we will be sitting down to talk about.

To teach these signs, I collected several books on forest animals, read them to the children, and glanced at the sign language sheet and taught the signs as we came across each animal.  Since animal books and animal toys are so common, these are signs that we have plenty of opportunity to practice and incorporate into our daily living, and it is very handy to have one sheet to glance at if we need a little help remembering what we have learned.


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