A Day in the Life

Wanna guess what that is?

Here’s another clue:

Ah yes, a 5-foot long snake, some type of constrictor which my husband pointed out as Eden (7) begged him to let it wrap around her arm.

For all you who are longing for chickens, may I remind you that chicken attract snakes?

Even though we are in Texas, we haven’t seen any rattlers, although we have seen lots of rat snakes, grass snakes, and who knows what else.  Our neighbors once killed a coral snake, but they have horses, and, you guessed it, snakes like horses (I think).

We knew a snake had been getting into the chicken coop, but it wasn’t causing any damage so Andrew wasn’t too concerned.  One of our poor baby geese turned up dead this morning, and Andrew suspected it had been “constricted.”  When the animals start dying, Andrew no longer has any tolerance for predators.  Too bad for the snake.

Well, actually, it wasn’t too bad, cuz you know what Andrew did with the snake?  He loaded the kids in the car, gave the keys to Trinity so he could keep ahold of the snake, and they drove down the road a bit and let it go.  Now, that’s my kind of cowboy!!!!

Blessings to you.  And may all of your problems end as pleasantly as this one.


(P.S.  Just how do boys learn to pick up snakes by their heads?  I mean, do they teach that technique in P.E.?  Science?  Not much room for failure I would think.  Well, I missed that day in school, that’s for sure.)


2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life”

  1. Wow! That’s a fairly good-sized snake! I never saw any that long on the farm where I grew up (in Missouri). Of course, we didn’t have chickens. And we did have hogs…I don’t think many snakes can survive a hog lot. Our biggest predator concern was coyotes. My dad was really good with a rifle – once watched him drop a coyote in a neighboring field from our back step. It’s no wonder the boys in school were afraid to ask me out! 🙂

    So sweet that your hubby released the snake back into the wild…tough on the outside, tender on the inside. Just how a cowboy should be!

    1. Yay Dad!!! Yeah, Andrew dropped his first deer with a bow, just opened our bathroom window and let it rip. Of course, the deer was just 15 or so yards away, but it was good eating all the same!!!


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