It’s a Bird . . . It’s a Plane . . .

It’s a little boy doing home-based physical therapy!!!!

property of

Children with Down syndrome universally struggle with low muscle tone.  I say that, but I want to add that not only does the degree vary from child to child, I have actually met a grown man with Down syndrome who was very muscular and who enjoyed working out.  (He had a tattoo, too, but I digress.)  Anyway, this activity is a great core strengthening activity that Noah’s awesome physical therapist suggested we do at home.  The sling is actually a hammock.  The two ends of the hammock that would usually be attached to two trees are actually hooked together on a clip attached to a rope hanging from the tree.  Noah lies in the sling on his stomach and thrusts his hands forward like Superman.  I build a tower with boxes (or cardboard blocks) and give him a little push, he extends his arms and knocks down the blocks.  He also runs his hands along the ground to move himself around (the sling should suspend him off the ground but allow his hands to touch if he wants them to.

He loves this activity, and it really has him working hard.  An added bonus is that the little ones have figured out how to sit in it horse style and twist and spin to their heart’s delight.  And all for under $20!


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