Heard Around the Henhouse – Bella

As we were driving through town the other day, stuck in traffic due to our local Founder’s Day parade.

Bella (age 3):  “Mommy, when I grown up, I think I’m going to be a (pause) cow.”

Mommy:  “When you grow up, you’re going to be a cow?”

Bella:  “Yes, I think so.”

Boy, talk about gaps in homeschooling!

But it was a good reminder to me to stop and peer into my children’s eyes and listen to their thoughts, because sometimes there’s a whole lot going on that I know nothing about, even though we’re together 24/7.  It reminded me to take nothing for granted when it comes to them and that as much as they are trained and molded by our time together, each one of them is an individual and each one of them has their own aspirations, dreams and thoughts.  They stand before God not as my child, but as His.  And I stand before God not as a mother, a wife, a church member but as His child, uniquely knitted together, uniquely cherished and loved.  Powerful stuff.

I think this would be a good time to bring out the mama and baby animal puzzle, wouldn’t ya think?




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