Plastic Egg Letter Matching

HEB was selling their plastic eggs the other day for 10 cents a bag, and then I found a bag of multi-size plastic eggs at Michael’s for 59 cents.  How could I resist?  So, humor me here and put up with my plastic egg activities even though Easter is long past.  Obviously, you can do this with a whole egg carton, but I am very conscientious these days to give Noah short tasks in order to keep his attention and cooperation level high.  To simplify this game for him, instead of using six unique letters, I only used a, s and m, two of each.

Activity:  Plastic egg letter match


1.  Six plastic eggs marked with letters to correspond with letters written on the floor of the egg carton

2.  1 egg carton cut in half with letters written on the floor to correspond with the letters written on the plastic eggs

Directions:  Open egg carton and place all eggs in the lid.  Have your child take one egg at a time and deposit it into the matching section of the egg carton.

Noah just loves these eggs (and it’s a good thing).  He prefers tasks that involve 3-d objects versus flashcards or PECs whenever possible, although I find the PECs work best when we’re working on a song or story.

How about  you?  Are you finding certain mediums to work best for certain tasks?  How do you keep it all fresh for yourself and  your child?


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