Overcomming Resistence in Your Little Learner

One thing children with Down syndrome are famous for is their sweetness.  The other is their stubbornness especially when it comes to learning new things.

Something the speech therapists have all emphasized with me is the importance of teaching Noah to take turns.  It is a foundation for communication.  Today Noah didn’t want anything to do with our file folder matching butterflies activity.  That is until I put all the loose butterflies in a pile and told him we’d take turns.  I went first, and then signed “You’re turn.”  We’ve done that with a few activities lately, and he really enjoys the signing, especially when he gets to sign “My turn.”

From “absolutely not” to “my turn” in five seconds or less!  Isn’t it nice when a little trick of the trade actually works?

Click here for links to the “my turn, your turn, wait” flashcards:  https://wordsofhisheart.wordpress.com/2012/02/28/my-turn-wait-your-turn/.   And thanks again to Dr. Bill over at www.lifeprint.com for the use of his graphics on the cards.


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