Another Week of B Alphabet Activities – Part 2

More fun with the letter B today!

B is for Bubble Wrap:

Noah has never used bubble wrap before, but I’ve been hearing it touted as a great sensory experience for little ones.   A dollar store roll of bubble wrap gave us plenty to glue on to our cardstock letter Bs.  I had Noah practice his drill words by repeating each word three times and then popping a few bubbles.  Bella (3) loved this one too.

 B is for Band-Aid:

And what Letter B week would be complete without a few Band-Aids.  I bought a bunch at  the dollar store, so using them for this was completely “painless.”

I gave Noah the Band-Aid, and he got to peel it and stick it to the body part on the doll I named.  He definitely needed some help on this, but it was fun.

B is for Balloon:

I’m determined to put the wall charts I bought earlier this year to good use, and letter matching is the perfect opportunity.  I’ve been able to find a decent selection of die cut shapes at the dollar store, and I give Noah three letters at a time to match up.  This week the die cuts are balloons.  I placed one of each letter per row, skipping rows in between to make it as simple and uncluttered as possible.  I’m so happy to say that Noah is showing proficiency in matching letters to letters, so we’re on the road to reading.

B is for Butterfly:

Our final B activity for the day got squeezed in after baths.  Can you belive I had five out of seven of my kiddos all crammed into one little room for this?  It’s like they have a little radar for when the light box is getting pulled out.  They all LOVE it.  This was just simple sorting of BUTTERFLIES by color.  The containers are glass votive holders I picked up for a dollar a piece at Michaels, and I got the little plastic butterflies there as well for 8 for a dollar I believe.  Eventually I kicked everyone out except Noah.  He was too content to watch the others grab the butterflies, but he got right to sorting after they left.

 definitely a phenomenal day.  Noah got a lot accomplished.

The middles have finished most of their school for the year, so now it’s time to hunker down and do what is left as fast as we can.   Summer will be upon us before we know it.  Couldn’t Spring last just a little longer?   Well, at least we have our bubble wrap, and band-aids, and butterflies.


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