Another Week of B Alphabet Activities – Part 1

There are so many great activities to do with Bs – and Noah is so good at making the B sound, I just had to stay on Bs this week.

A little Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you See, anyone?

I found these sequencing cards at  They actually have another activity to use these cards with, but they were perfect for sequencing.  Noah and I sat on the floor in front of the pocket chart (which was hanging on the door.)  As I came to each animal in the book, I would ask Noah, “Where is the (color) (animal).”  He would find it and insert it in order in the pocket chart.  This is laying the foundation for sequencing activities (what happened first, then what, and finally?).  I used the pocket chart because the format allows a left to right, top to bottom progression which is laying the foundation for reading.

Then we had a blast with these Heads and Tails cards over at  We have done this twice now, quickly graduating from putting one head in front of Noah and two tails to choose from to putting all the heads and tails in front of Noah and allowing him to match them all up.  I was delighted to see how quickly he caught on.  Bella (3) enjoyed this too.

If you are looking for more Brown Bear, Brown Bear activities, stop by my Pinterest Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See Pinterest page:, awesome blogger dad to a beautiful daughter and 2 fantastic boys who happen to have autism, if you’re out there, SEE, SEE, SEE what you started?





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