You can take the girl out of the city . . .

. . . but you just can’t take the city out of the girl.

I came back from my Saturday solitude and was met by Leah in the driveway “walking” one of the goslings.  She had made a collar and a leash out of yarn and was leading it around.   I quickly rescued the gosling, but I think it was a close one.

Add another rule to the list:

House Rule #173:  No leashes on the geese.

(I’ve added a new category on the right sidebar called house rules.  The first 172 house rules are all the normal boring things like pick up after yourself, no hitting, etc.  Rule 173 forward are the rules that I never imagined I’d be making and can only shake my head at . . . while I add them to the list.

Your Turn:

How about you?  What rules are on your books (written or unwritten) that you never thought you’d have to make?  Come on, make us laugh . . . or at least shake our heads.  🙂


2 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of the city . . .”

  1. You crack me up! Love the goose story! We have some weird rules around here as well, but they are mostly related to my disabled son’s odd thinking patterns. For example – no painting unmentionable body parts with fingernail polish, no throwing shoes up on the roof in places only a chimney sweep could reach, and most definitely no attempting to drive away in the van! Where kids come up with their crazy ideas is beyond me 🙂

    1. Oh, that is SOOOO funny. I have a feeling we need to add at least your first two to our list. Oh, now that I think of it we’ll need to add in your third as well. I remember reading a post on our Down syndrome group where one of the girls got into the golf cart and drove to Wal-Mart in it. I think someone who knew her spotted her in the parking lot – thank the Lord!!!

      Hey- have a blessed week. My archetect student friend enjoyed your post about living environments – he’s going to specialize in healthcare archetecture, so it was VERY relevant!


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