What’s Another Mouth to Feed? And Another, and Another, and Another?

I have had visions of having another little one or two following me around, but this is rediculous!!!!

Andrew celebrated Easter by bringing home four goslings.  They are SOOO adorable.   So now that makes one duck, one rooster, five chickens, and four goslings.  I’m not sure if the duck counts – he seems to think he’s a rooster these days.

You know, I never imagined I’d have goslings chasing me around.  God’s plans are always so much better than my own.




3 thoughts on “What’s Another Mouth to Feed? And Another, and Another, and Another?”

  1. Love it! Makes me a bit (more 😆 ) jealous… Been dreaming about our own little “farm” with a few chicken, a couple of sheep, one or two cows, and some land to grow some veggies…

    Thank you for sharing your dreams and life stories 😛 and this lovely picture. How cute they are!

    1. We had a huge vegetable garden a few years ago, but as the garden fencing has fallen into disrepair, the deer have made it impossible to grow anything. But the years of the garden were magnificent! We have 2-3 growing seasons here, so it seemed like there was always something yummy in the garden. Such fun.

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