Painters Tape, Pergo and a Plan – Letter B

I pulled the painters tape out again last night and laid out a lower-case “b” on the floor since b is the letter of the week this week.  Noah really enjoys the things we do with these floor letters, so I’m trying to walk that balance between maximizing his interest and burning him out on the same types of activities.

This morning Noah walked the b while saying “buh, buh, buh.”

Then I pulled out his PEC cards for drilling, and in the process I spilled them all over the floor.  Taking advantage of the mess, I let Noah pick out his drill words.  He handed me the card, I said the word, he repeated the word three times and then threw the card in the middle of the b.  For each card he threw, I let him place one BUG or BUTTERFLY (note the b words) onto the b.  He LOVED it!  (What is it with boys and bugs, or for that matter little girls and bugs?)

That reminds me, the other night the June bugs invaded our porch.  Every time the door was opened, a June bug or two snuck in.  Bella (3) picked one up and for some reason got the idea to lie down on her stomach and put it on her back.  She giggled hysterically while the June bug walked up her back on its spiny little legs.  Of course, that made us all crack up because it was just so weird.

Entertainment on a typical week night out here in the middle of the Texas Hill Country.

Funny girl, GROSS, but very funny.


One thought on “Painters Tape, Pergo and a Plan – Letter B”

  1. Fabulous…absolutely fabulous. Sounds like Noah’s got the drill down.
    Bella, she’s a whole other story…

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