So Let’s Say . . .

So, let’s say a certain unnamed little boy escaped the family compound while his family was busy scurrying around getting ready for AWANAS.

Let’s say that certain little boy grabbed his little riding horse (stuffed animal horse head attached to a riding stick complete with whinnying when you press the ear), walked (or was it galloped) down the long rocky driveway, along the adjoining property line complete with two real-live horses, dropped the stuffed horse along the fence, and then either walked up the hill to the neighbor’s house or climbed the fence to get to the real-live horses in the pasture (let’s say we don’t know exactly what happened).  Let’s say one very proud-of-himself little boy arrived on the neighbor’s doorstep (or something like that) and announced his presence.  Let’s say one very awesome neighbor called his mama who was gathering the search party and said awesome neighbor took him out to feed the real-live horses while waiting for Daddy to come pick him up.  Let’s say one very proud-of-himself little boy got to ride home steering the car on his daddy’s lap.  Let’s say one sweet (sucker) Daddy spotted the forementioned stuffed horse lying along the fence line and put two and two together.

Guys, I just can’t even begin to think how to categorize this post.



3 thoughts on “So Let’s Say . . .”

  1. Wow. I bet there was a big moment of panic in there. Glad things turned out ok. Sounds like (for better or worse) he enjoyed his experience. Glad to see I’m not the only pushover dad. 🙂

    1. Wandering is the attribute of Down syndrome that I dislike the most. It never ceases to amaze me the way God seems to have His hand on these special ones through all their “adventures.” I have a friend whose teenage daughter with Down’s boarded a public bus and rode around Austin for an afternoon. I definately prefer Noah goes AWOL to the neighbor’s house, although wouldn’t it be best if he would just stay home? 🙂

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