B is for Butterflies

Today we did the classic butterfly painting.  Is any preschool education complete without it?

I found some free printable butterflies at http://www.raisingourkids.com/coloring-pages/animal/butterfly/002-butterfly-coloring-pages.html.  After printing off a few copies, I folded the butterflies in half along the body section, the kids painted the side facing up with tempera paints, we refolded the paper so the unpainted side of the butterfly was folded on top of the painted side, we pressed sufficiently, and wah-lah:




Once the older kids caught sight of the tempera paints, it was all hands on deck.  I caught that teachable moment and reviewed symmetry, which we had talked about earlier in the year.  These are the moments I live for in homeschooling, relevant, real-life application, not to mention a bunch of enthusiastic kids crowding ’round the dining room table.


One thought on “B is for Butterflies”

  1. Somehow I lost my page. Hope you got it.

    Turns out what we did has a psychological application: The Rorschach test.

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